How to Add Location

Adding your location consists of the two steps: adding your Country & City and adding your Google Maps Location.

Why Two Steps?

Adding your Country & City will help your listing appear when someone searches for a listing in your country and city.

Adding Google Maps Location will allow your listing to appear on the map and drive more users to your listing.

Both of the above steps are required.

Adding Country & City

Click on Select Country & City and choose both your country and your city from the suggested dropdown list. You can’t add new ones, so please let us know if your country or city is missing in the list. 

Adding Google Maps Location

Click on Google Maps Location and start typing your preferred location. Google Maps will fetch available options as you type. Choosing the location in this field will place your logo on the map.

If you don’t want to use your exact location, using your city here as well is a good option. This will place the marker in its center.

🤔 Still stuck? Let us know if you need our help filling in your listing or if something is missing. Thank you!